The resurgence in Social Upheaval of Social and Political Issues

Controversies are the essence of any society, be it political, social or economic in nature. What was a controversy last decade might not be the one in question now? There are many trending topics that are coming to the surface, as a consequence of not having discussed them in detail or in any concern the last decade. The major topic that has been in the newspapers this decade is the issue of drug trafficking, as the market has only grown since the last decade.

People have not been very aware of the consequences of the drug market, until recently because of the streaming of a huge number of documentaries, TV series etcetera online. Netflix has been the true source of where these American Tv series are being streamed. Some of the show is, namely, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Drug Lords, Orange is the New Black, all of them published during a period of 2013- 2016. These Tv shows have an effect on the mind of their audience which is very devastating, hence this provokes the people to bring out these cases in public and talk about them at various possible discourses.

Some Tv shows also demonstrated how some drugs had been made socially acceptable and were being overused as a result. With the rise of crimes, with the consumption of such drugs, moreover led to a agitated aggression to bring out the debate of should drugs be used, which drugs, and in what quantity? Also, keeping in mind the need for creating laws for it, so that people do not move out of their limits. The idea of addiction is also disputed amongst the masses. This is because a decade earlier neither of these cases was highlighted. Now the debate is also related to the fact of intake of how much is actually addiction? What should be the limit to the drugs that have been ascribed as acceptable, socially and politically?

With Donald Trump’s new policy of making a white America, the question of racism is becoming very sensitized and a need to be discussed the topic. Intersectionality is also becoming a trending topic worldwide as the theory of this discourse helps us to look at how we are being marginalized under different subheads. For example:

To understand that a Muslim black woman is more subjugated than a white Muslim woman, there is this need of ongoing debate about the heterogeneity of women, which has come to the foreground only recently. Theorists like Bell Hooks, Patricia Hill Collins had already given us hints onto this upsurge of racism and how it is demeaning the masses, but the topic discussion on intersectionality, has given the topic of racism to come up to the forum so that it can be discussed at length as to how power dynamics in relationships can be deconstructed. Academicians, writers, politicians, parents searching for equal rights for their children, are also coming up in huge numbers to discuss racism under a political surveillance.

Thus, these two issues have come up with a lot of effects since the last decade and have created raucous around the world. These issues were not so much bent upon in the last few decades, until this decade as it saw the need for recognition of masses who take parts in such ongoing debates.