Pedophilia within the Vatican Needs To Be A Bigger Issue

Why is the pedophilia within the Vatican not blowing up to be a much bigger scandal?
Historically, cases of pedophilia had been few and far between. Lately, the frequency of cases has increased. Or maybe freedom of expression has led to an increase in confessions from victims. Society has tried to counter this menace with stringent punitive measures against perpetrators. However, there is a worrying trend where cases of pedophilia are being reported in institutions that serve as societies moral custodians. For example, the Vatican, which has served as the heart of the century’s old Catholic Church.

A dark cloud has hanged around this Holy institution of late. This is compounded by the fact that there seems to be a criminal syndicate sheltered within its administrative structure. The persons mentioned have been closely linked to the symbolic head of the Catholic Church (the Pope). Why is pedophilia within the Vatican not blowing up to be a much bigger scandal? This issue has to be examined from different perspectives. Below are some pertinent insights.

1.Cover up

Investigations have shown that the scope of the sexual offenses against minors within the Vatican has been rising for last ten decades. Despite the fact that these cases have been confirmed, there seems to be little recourse. It has further been confirmed that billions of dollars have been used to buy the victims collective silence. In the US alone it is estimated that the victims could easily top one thousand minors. The number of perpetrators is estimated at 300. For legal recourse take off, victims of these abuses have to be willing to go through the rigorous judicial processes. This can only happen with their consent. Due to the nature of this crime, and the fact that minors are involved, the victims guardians prefer to shield the minors from the intrusive encounters.


This is closely connected to the first point. The Roman Catholic Church has a rich history of shaping subsequent civilizations. The number of Catholics globally is fast approaching 1.5 billion. The problem that faces Vatican today can be equated to the Galileo confrontation. This happened in the 17nth century when the Vatican tried to stop the physicist from proving that the earth revolved around the sun. the pedophile issue has proven to be a hot potato because of the potential global backlash. In the recent past, we have seen resignations a serving pope after investigations linked a pedophile ring right at his doorstep. This might be equated to biting the proverbial bullet rather than bringing the house down.


The points enumerated above can only mean one thing. The fallout from the blowing up of pedophilia cases at the Vatican can sound the death knell to the Vatican’s authority. It is also noteworthy that the church has its adherents in powerful political posts worldwide. Some have even been mentioned as influencing the investigations into the accused members of the Vatican. Here, we see how events at the Vatican can influence political outcomes.

Broadly speaking, the Vatican has been the centre of Christianity since the 4th century. It has played a pivotal role in shaping the structure of the current nation state. It is also a formidable spiritual barometer for a huge portion of the global population. Pedophilia in the Catholic Church blowing up runs the risk of unraveling its enormous social political construct.