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Are Immigration Laws Too Lax in Europe?

Immigration is a global phenomenon that Europe and the United States, as well as other countries, are grappling with due to a number of factors. Cases of conflict especially political conflicts have displaced many people especially in the Middle East and Africa and with Europe being the nearest continent the countries have been forced to accept refugees from these places. One will, therefore, be forced to ask whether the immigration laws are too lax in Europe or are Europe the most accommodative continent for the individuals who are fleeing their countries due to a number of reasons.

Immigration laws in Europe and the European Union

Individual European countries have their own regulations on immigration. However, most of the countries in Europe also belong to the European Union which as a political and economic body sets some of the rules and regulations that govern the immigration policies. Thus some of the countries are forced to accept immigrants not out of their goodwill but rather because of the pressure of the European Union. The failure to adhere to the agreements and recommendations by the body may mean that a country is sanctioned or may face strict policies when dealing with the other European Union member countries.

Laxity of Immigration Laws in Europe

The immigration laws in Europe can be said to be a bit lax compared to the other countries. For instance, Canada and the United States have a very strict policy on immigration that one has to deal with before being allowed into the country. However, in Europe, there are instances where people are allowed into the countries with minimal restrictions. The retirees who are immigrating and have healthy pensions do not have difficulty being processed during their immigration. Additionally, if you are working in any of the EU countries then you are guaranteed to fair laws and hence the immigration request may be granted fast enough.

Evidence of laxity of the immigration laws in Europe

From time to time when you read the news or watch television one will hear or see how immigrants drowned while trying to cross into Italy. Additionally, when one looks at countries such as Germany or France there are very many immigrants coming in from Africa and the Middle East affirming the notion that in Europe the laws are relaxed hence the reason most of these people are moving here. Looking at the population of these European countries and other sectors of their economies, there is evidence of immigrants thus affirming their relaxed approach to the acceptance of refugees.


It is evident that European nations accept many immigrants streaming in from various parts of the world. There are reasons as to why more and more immigrants are moving to Europe or between one European nation to another. The European Union is one of the main reasons that favor immigration between the countries since it allows relaxed laws to those who are employed by the body on matters of immigration. Additionally, Europe is close in proximity to Africa and the Middle East making it an easy access point for those who are moving away from their country. Thus apart from the relaxed policies and laws on immigration one can argue that the close proximity to where most of the refugees come from may be a factor that allows many migrants to the European Union.